Music 3.0 – The Blog Behind The Book: 5 Things You Should Know About Cloud Music Services

Now that both Amazon and Google have launched their cloud music services, we’re just waiting for Apple to complete the triumvirate with their imminent launch. In case you’re not clear, a cloud music service (sometimes called a “music locker”) stores your music on an online server then delivers it to any of your music playback devices. Before you choose a service though, here are a few facts you should know.

Interesting reading here…

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Jonathan Coulton On His Business Model & How Now Is Best Time Ever To Be A Musician – hypebot

My business model is designed especially for me, by me, and it constantly changes and evolves – I’m now working on an album, with a band and a producer, I’m spending money at a real studio, and I will probably spend money on more traditional marketing and radio promotion before I’m through. Nobody, not even me, should try to do exactly what I’ve done, because there are parts of it that won’t make sense for who you are or what you’re interested in

Jonathon Coulton speaks about his own business model, how it shouldn’t be replicated by others (find your own path) and Snuggies among other things.

Great article…

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Facebook And Spotify Partner For New Streaming Music Service – hypebot

Facebook and Spotify are partnering on a streaming music service that could launch as early as next month in countries where the music site has deal, according to Forbes. The association is part of Facebook’s long term strategy to become an essential hub for its users – messaging, email, news movies and now music. 

Interesting to see what happens here…

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Music Quiz Show Spicks and Specks No More – Music News, Reviews, Interviews and Culture – Music Feeds

ABC music quiz show Spicks and Specks will be no more after host Adam Hills and Captains Myf Warhurst and Alan Brough decided that now is a good time to close the curtains.


Actually, come to think of it, because of Spicks & Specks, Men At Work got sued. Remember the “Kookaburra Sits In The Old Gum Tree” fiasco.

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The secret of Adele’s success? No festivals, tweeting – or selling out – News, Music – The Independent

She refuses to headline Glastonbury, bans her hits from advertising campaigns and won’t turn her life into a soap opera. Adele has revealed the five-point plan which turned the singer into the world’s most successful – yet reticent – pop star.

I’ve heard some of Adele’s music and I must say, she is awesome. This article outlines the brilliance of Adele’s “Less Is More” philosophy.

A refreshing change from all that Lady Gaga overkill…

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10 Year Old Book Is Still Inspiring A New Generation Of D.I.Y. Musicians – hypebot

Published in 2001 – long before the internet disrupted the music industry as we knew it – the book “Our Band Could Be Your Life” provided a history lesson of what could loosely be called punk rock by sharing the stories of a dozen bands who found a reasonable level of success without any help from major record labels. A decade later, a number of young musicians are finding inspiration and sound advice there.

I must hunt down this book and have a look at what it’s got to say 🙂

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4 Steps To Transition From Playing Cover Songs To Your Own Music – MTT – Music Think Tank

The problem comes when a band or artist begins to get popular from playing cover songs, yet has aspirations of one day playing their own music. Unless you’re extremely clever right out of the box, chances are that your self-composed material doesn’t get the crowds going the way the cover material does. This means that as soon as you begin to play one of your own, that hot enthusiastic crowd suddenly goes ice cold, making you feel like your song just isn’t cutting it.

Some very interesting points made about how to slip in some of your own music into your covers repertoire.

The authors last paragraph about not calling your songs “originals” is something I’ve been saying to people for a long time.

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