What if tech companies ran the music business? – Media

There was some talk a few months ago about whether or not certain large technology companies should consider buying up chunks of the failing music industry in order to get around the regular headaches of such things as licensing and access to content. Since then I’ve been wondering how this might actually work in reality and whether it would really benefit the acts themselves, as well as the listening public.

Hmmm, Google owning the music industry… I’d like to see that 🙂

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Redefining Success In Music – MTT – Music Think Tank

Success in the music Industry has long been measured by landing a recording contract, but with the ever-increasing digital distribution outlets available, and the shrinking physical market, the goal posts have certainly shifted.

A really good article which asks the question “What does success mean to you?”

The climate has certainly changed in the music industry and therefore definitions of “success” need to change with it.

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Rick Rubin: Music Biz Could Be Bigger Than Ever – hypebot

Recorded music sales continue to struggle and the leadership at the top of Sony Music is shifting, but Rick Rubin continues to exhibit the Zen master attitude that’s helped to make him a legendary force in music both as a producer and recently as co-chairman of Columbia Records. The music industry “could be a bigger business than it’s ever been,” states an optimistic Rubin.

“People…are willing to pay for music.”

That is true… People are willing to pay for things if you give them enough reasons to care.

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Preparing For The Studio – MTT – Music Think Tank

So you’ve finally saved up the money to record your masterpiece. You’ve found the perfect producer that “gets you” and you’ve set the date to start recording. Life is good! Now what?

A very timely piece of information for me and I’m sure other musicians that are embarking on recording their CD.

Some really good practical tips here 🙂

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9 SEO Tips For Musicians – Simple Steps That Drive Traffic To Your Site – hypebot

So you finally have a website for your group or band, but you have no idea how to get traffic there. This is an issue that many musicians go through because they have no real knowledge of SEO (search engine optimization). In order to get traffic to your site, you have to properly optimize your website which in turn will improve your rankings and move you up higher within search engine results

Some really good SEO tips here 🙂

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The Science of Social Timing Part 1: Facebook and Twitter Social Networks

It’s important to know when the highest percentage of your audience is eavesdropping on your social networks—so that when you share content you’ll get maximum exposure. Use the following data to learn when your audience is most likely to tune in

That means that 5pm EST in the USA (New York for instance) = 6:30am the next day in Adelaide.

Time zones have always confused me…

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The Many Killers Of The Music Industry: The Digital Era | Techdirt

Welcome to the second half of our rather longwinded look at the attempted industriacide committed by various music formats over the years. Part two concerns itself with the Digital Era, an era that started with the introduction of the CD, which was hailed by the industry as the “savior of the music business,” right up until someone had the bright idea of “releasing” CDs with nothing on them. Read on… 

Part 2 of a two part series. Interesting stuff here 🙂

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