Finding Your Voice | zen habits

Creators of any kind must find their voice.

We are writers, musicians, designers, programmers, parents, builders of anything. But we are not truly expressing ourselves, and speaking the truth, until we’ve found our voice: the tone, style, tenor, pitch, personality we use to express ourselves.

Our voice is our essence, writ plain for the world to see.


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Behind the music: Should the music industry put digital first? | Music |

The focus of the music industry is downloads – but is this the smartest move? Figures show most people still want to listen to CDs, plus there has been a boom in vinyl sales

I’ve always been surprised how vinyl sales are still hanging on but then again, I still listen to my LP collection from time to time.

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9 things bands do that waste time « Live Unsigned Blog

Bands often focus on the wrong things, wasting time and slowing down their career. Here are some things bands do that waste time that you need to avoid:

A very good list 🙂

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Think Music Has Piracy Problems? Check Out This 100% Fake Apple Store In China – hypebot

The music industry likes to blame piracy for its downfall. But other industries including one of the world’s hottest and most profitable companies, Apple, has a huge piracy problem too. Its not just a few knock-off computers., but rather an entire fake Apple store. In fact, there appear to be several of them.

Amazing… It could only happen in China.

Or could it?

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Do One Thing Well | zen habits

I’m often asked how you can start doing work you love — how you can make a living doing something you’re passionate about.

I don’t profess to have all the answers, but the answer for me has been fairly simple:

Do one thing really well.

I’ll be putting up more of these little Zen wisdoms online. Love it 🙂

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How to Make An Effective Band/Artist One-Sheet | DIY Musician

This is a great video from one of my favourite music industry resources – CD Baby DIY Musician Blog/Podcast 🙂

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The Importance of Creating Momentum – MTT – Music Think Tank

This may sound incredibly obvious (because it is), but it is one of those obvious truths that we don’t consider enough. Because considering it might actually motivate us. The key to creating momentum is to keep moving. The longer you keep moving without changing direction, the bigger the momentum. And, the bigger the momentum, the more unstoppable you are.

I agree wholeheartedly 🙂

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