10 Ways To Get You And Your Bandmates Started On Google Plus || Dotted Music

So you’ve heard of Google+ and may or may not have gotten an invite. Word on the marketer’s grape vine is that Google+ is looking to be the next social media marketing powerhouse. So why, as a band, musician, label, or marketer, should you care?

A great article, well worth the read 🙂

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Writing a Band Bio for Your Website – Create an Artist Bio That Rocks | The HostBaby Blog

Describing your music project in a way that really sells can be a daunting task. It’s easy to get mired in names, dates, events, musical influences and other details while neglecting the more compelling aspects of your musical story.

Your website bio needs to interest your fans and offer value to people in “the business.” After all, you want those music editors to easily divine the important bits and use them to write a glowing review.

Creating a successful artist bio means carefully balancing The Facts and Your Story.

This is certainly one aspect of my own career that I need some tips on – writing my own bio 🙂

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ABC axes arts programming | The Australian

ABC executives today handed redundancy notices to dozens of staff across the country as it axed arts programming and production units in Adelaide and Perth.

An official announcement from ABC management is expected in the next few hours, sources told Media.

Staff were told all the ABC’s arts programming would be outsourced to the private sector.

Nooooooooooo! I would’ve expected this from commercial TV but not from “OUR ABC”

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Behind the music: Do record labels have a duty of care? | Music | guardian.co.uk

Amy Winehouse’s tragic death has opened up an old music industry debate: how much responsibility should labels and managers accept for keeping artists on the straight and narrow?

Interesting question, and one that the record industry would be in no rush to answer…

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Community-Driven Record Label Makes Music a Democratic Business

Name: Public Records

Quick Pitch: Public Records is an online community for indie music that seeks to replace the traditional record label structure, calling upon its members to help bands with all aspects of the business.

Genius Idea: A commune for music.

Brilliant idea! Read on…

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10 Tips To Advance Your Music Business Career – hypebot

No matter where you are in your career, it’s important to look back at the basics. It allows you to think like a beginner again; back to when you could visualize the most possibilities. The following ten tips, taken from a NARIP event in San Francisco, will help move forward your career in the music business – however far along you may be.

A great post. Worth every word 🙂

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Music Marketing [dot] com: 5 Benefits of Recording at Home

With the availability of cost effective home recording equipment, building a home studio is becoming more attractive to bands and soloists out there who can’t afford to spend time in a professional studio. There are benefits to recording at home instead of in a studio, mainly involving time and money—your two most precious resources.

I love recording at home. I’ve almost finished recording my first CD in an external recording studio but I already know where my next CD will be recorded.

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