How to Legally Secure the Mechanical Licenses for Your Cover Songs | DIY Musician

This information has been provided by our friends at Limelight, one of CD Baby’s partner companies that helps independent artists easily obtain the required mechanical licenses for cover songs without expensive lawyers or complicated paperwork.

Maybe a little US-centric but a worthwhile article nonetheless 🙂

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YouTube Adds Topspin, Songkick Powered Band Merch, Ticket & Download Stores – hypebot

YouTube added Merch Store, a new feature that can be added to YouTube partner channels to offer direct to fan sale of merchandise, digital downloads, concert tickets and more. Powering the new feature at launch are Topspin for merchandise and concert tickets, Songkick for concerts, and iTunes and Amazon for downloads. 

More news regarding YouTube and its added independent artist friendly features

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YouTube Now Allows Music Partners To Sell Merchandise, Digital Downloads And Event Tickets | TechCrunch

We already know that YouTube is seeing 3 billion videos viewed per day day, but now the online video giant is now seeing a whopping 800 million people per month visiting the site, Google revealed in its third-quarter earnings report last week. And today, YouTube is also announcing the ability to sell merchandise, tickets and more via the site.

Yet another way in which YouTube is adding value to independent artists but you need to be a music partner with them first…

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APRA|AMCOS : Live Music fuels Australian economy to the tune of $1.2 billion

The first ever national study of the value of live music has found that in 2009/10 the Australian live music industry injected $1.21 billion into the national economy, with total profits and wages of $652 million and supporting almost 15,000 full-time jobs.

…and yet we musicians don’t get taken as seriously as we should 🙂 Go figure

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Navigating the Music Business – Mapping Out A Living – MTT – Music Think Tank

So how hard is it really?  You write songs and sell them, that’s all there is to it, right?  Unfortunately the music industry isn’t quite as simple as we’d all like it to be.  There are many different sectors through which an artist must pass and even more ways in which these sectors can be negotiated and traversed

It’s worth it just reading this for the diagram. Very informative stuff 🙂

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Bob Baker’s Indie Music Promotion Blog: Steve Jobs: Let His Life Inspire YOUR Legacy

The world is still reeling from the news that Apple co-founder Steve Jobs has died. There’s no denying the incredible impact this one man has had on the way we use and interact with technology — especially when it comes to music and entertainment media in the digital age.

Saying that Steve Jobs changed the music industry forever would be a giant understatement

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3 Major Reasons To Drive Fans To Your Website Instead Of Facebook & Social Media – hypebot

Do I really need a website for my music? With Facebook, Twitter, and all the musician-specific social networks out there, you might think that your own .COM is obsolete. But there are 3 very important reasons to drive fans to your website instead:

Great article – Of course you need a website for your music. Imagine if your only web presence was through MySpace…

How stupid would you feel right now!

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