First Look At The New MySpace: It’s All About Music – hypebot

The week, new MySpace owners Specific Media are pitching the site at Advertising Week along with investor Justin Timberlake. A leaked ad pitch deck (click on image at left to enlarge) and an interview are offering the few hints we have as to what the new MySpace will look like – and its all about music and the “youth culture”. 

Yeah, yeah, yeah… We’ve heard all of this before. I wonder what MySpace will turn into now? A better music platform? I hope so…

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United Nations report: Internet access is a human right –

Internet access is a human right, according to a United Nations report released on Friday.

Amen to that!

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6 Easy Ways to Incorporate Creativity to Your Daily Life | Let Me See Your Package

I know lots of creative people who are stuck- either they have jobs  they are least passionate about or they have jobs they love but they’re not really doing something creative. And there are those who are actually in the creative field doing creative work but are not advancing creatively. They have the capacity to do more but they’re well, stuck.

I personally enjoy living a full-time creative life. It’s tough sometimes but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I do like the idea of the Dream Journal though, must give it a go 🙂

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Why Artists Need More Than The Social Web To Obtain Sustainable Engagement – MTT – Music Think Tank

We like to think of the web as one big, endless, interconnected net of relationship fibers where a tug on a single fiber causes random ripples and pulls all across the entire net; that somehow a path will emerge, narrow as it may be, where a ripple can travel from one corner of the net to the other; and that if you – the music marketer – could only simultaneously pull enough social strings, your message would be riding on a magic carpet instead of a thread.

Social Networking sites are but ONE of many ways that an artist can communicate with the outside work, NOT the only way to communicate.

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Matt Stevens – Interview – Independent Artist

Matt Stevens is known as a solo musician who mainly uses social media not only to share his music but also to interact with his fans and other musicians. With his new album Relic he moves away from his trademark looped acoustic guitar sound towards a prog rock band sound.

This guy is really good. I first heard him being interviewed on the CD Baby DIY Musicians Podcast and thought “I must follow him”

Check him out, you’ll love it 🙂

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