Creativity: Welcome the First Mistake, Because Then You’re Free

Whether you’re in a performance, in a writing session, in a recording session, booking a tour, or shooting a video, you’re going to make mistakes. Once you’ve accepted that fact, the only remaining stress is the anticipation of making that first mistake.

Mistakes are a necessary part of life, how do you learn if you don’t make mistakes 🙂

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Album sales were up in 2011 – is the music industry back?

Music sales are up. That was the big news at the beginning of the year, and it’s an encouraging sign that maybe things have leveled off in the music industry – apart from the sale of EMI and the drama involved with that. Sorting through the numbers, there are some interesting things to note, and other curiosities to get you thinking.

I hope so…

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How to Book a House Concert Tour: Advice from Singer/Songwriter Jon Troast

Singer-songwriter Jon Troast – whom critics have described as “a shaggy acoustic troubadour with a keen wit & soulful voice” and “the long-lost love child of Lyle Lovett and Jack Johnson” – has built an enthusiastic, supportive fan base for his music literally one home at a time.

Performing a House Concert is something that I want to explore for myself in 2012. I found this interview very, very interesting 🙂

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How To Sound Better Live

Live shows are what a lot of our careers center around. Whether we’re in a band, manage a band, or run sound for a band, one thing is for sure, the better the band sounds, the better the show. After reading this post you’ll be able to implement some changes that will help you gain more fans, sell more merch, and have people leave with happier ears.

You maybe the most talented artist, musician or band around but if your sound sucks the BIG ONE, then all of that talent will be overshadowed by how bad you sound. Don’t let this happen… Read this!

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Seth Godin On The New Music Industry – Part 2

Part 2 of the two part video series where Ariel Hyatt interviews Seth Godin.

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Seth Godin On The New Music Industry – Part 1

This is the first of a two part video series with Ariel Hyatt interviewing the marketing guru Seth Godin on the New Music Industry. Fantastic to watch, very inspiring 🙂

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6 Tips For Making The Most of Every Open Mic

<blockquote class=’posterous_medium_quote’>Open Mics can either be a huge waste of time or the &nbsp;most rewarding experience for a newcomer. &nbsp;That outcome is usually up to you. &nbsp;Below are some tips for making the most of your 3-song show; because in most cases, 3 songs are all you got!</blockquote>

Well said 🙂

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