Songwriting Ideas Are Infinite And Sacred

My first piece of advice that I would give to any beginning songwriter is… “Never throw anything away, EVER!”

Just think, that piece of paper that you’ve thrown in the bin with some half finished lyrics penned the night before might have contained the ideas for THE song that defines you as a performer, artist or songwriter.

I love it… “Never throw anything away, EVER!”

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Can Of Worms: Six Reasons Why Recorded Music Should Be Free – According To Grooveshark

Grooveshark CEO Sam Tarantino defended the approach of the company he dropped out of college to co-found at age 19 in 2006 with his friend Josh Greenburg for nearly an hour, before he took a train to catch a plane.

Below are the six main reasons he thinks recorded music wants to be free, just like it (mostly) is on Grooveshark:

I dont necessarily agree with some of the points but I thought it worthwhile to start a discussion about “the value” of music.

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Is Your Music in an Art Gallery or at Ikea?

Put more simply, your music, by itself, isn’t worth much. It’s when put into context, when it becomes part of your fan’s enjoyable experience, that it becomes valuable. That can mean someone buying 2 CDs, a t-shirt and a poster at the merch table, or it can mean someone buying one track for $1.29 on iTunes.

This is a brilliant article about the similarities between the perceived value and the real value of music to a work of art seen in a gallery or in Ikea.

Well worth the read… What do you think about it?

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Turn Your CD into a Kick-Ass Marketing Tool

What most bands do not know is that the CD packaging can be a good marketing tool. If you believe in the marketing power of the CD and you want to exhaust its marketing potential, here are the things you should include in your packaging to enhance its marketing power:

This article came to me just in time for my own CD to be launched 🙂

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Molly Meldrum’s First Public Statement Since His Fall

Now just over 4 months since the accident, Meldrum has released an open letter of appreciation to all those who helped with his recovery and sent their love and support.

It’s great to see that Molly is getting better and his trademark humour is still intact 🙂

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John Cleese on the 5 Factors to Make Your Life More Creative

‘Creativity is not a talent. It is a way of operating.’

Much has been said about how creativity works, its secrets, its origins, and what we can do to optimize ourselves for it. In this excerpt from his fantastic 1991 lecture, John Cleese offers a recipe for creativity, delivered with his signature blend of cultural insight and comedic genius. Specifically, Cleese outlines “the 5 factors that you can arrange to make your lives more creative”:

I love John Cleese… He has a way of being funny while talking about serious issues without the comedian getting in the way of the message.

Pure genius and a great video 🙂

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Indie Musicians Get New Revenue Stream As YouTube Opens Partner Program To All – hypebot

YouTube has been been paying a percentage of ad revenue to a small percentage of top video producers.  Now they’ve opened their YouTube Partners program and the revenue that comes with it to just about everyone.

This is great news for anyone who does a lot of heavy promoting on YouTube 🙂

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