How I Earned My Place in the Music Business: 6 Insights For Breaking In – hypebot

For you aspiring industry professionals, I hope that my story and insights can help you get a clearer sense of where you are in your pursuits, as well as provide you with motivation and inspiration to help you advance your own career. For you established professionals, I’m quite proud to call you my constituents, and some of you, my colleagues. For as much as I’ve idolized rock stars on stage, I’ve always admired those industry professionals that make it happen behind the scenes.  

With that in mind, here are six insights for breaking into today’s music industry, as sourced and reflected upon through my own path to getting here:

This is a really inspiring article 🙂

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Why Social Networks Need Musicians Like You

The music industry has become increasingly reliant on the social media. Twitter, Facebook and other services such as YouTube with a strong social element have frequently overtaken the press, television and radio as the primary means of promotion

What is perhaps less often reported is how dependent social networks are on music fans for growth

Yet another reason why we songwriters and musicians are so important in the sceme of things… We prop up social networking businesses 🙂

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6 Crowdfunding Mistakes That Can Kill a Campaign

But for every successful crowdfunding campaign you hear about, many more have utterly and completely failed to meet funding goals. The reasons? Well those are plentiful. Based on the research I did for my new book, here are several common characteristics that appear to lie at the heart of disastrous ventures — all worth heeding before hitting the launch button.

Just incase you’re thinking of doing your own crowdfunding campaign – here’s a great article for you to read 🙂

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EVENT REPORT: Song Summit 2012 – An Artists Perspective | THE MUSiC VOiD

SONGSUMMIT 2012, where to begin? This past weekend (26th-28th May) saw around 1100 individuals attend a conference in Sydney’s Convention Centre in Darling Harbour, where as many as 400 speakers represented different sectors of the music industry.

This is something that I want to attend next year. Very cool 🙂

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7 Tips on How to Transition from Open Mics to Longer Gigs | DIY Musician

For the purposes of this article, I’m thinking of an open mic as a performance event where each person is given time to play 1-3 songs, usually maxed out at 10-15 minutes. Sometimes the list of performers is settled in advance by an MC or booker, while sometimes it’s open to the public and you’re encouraged to put your name on a list– first come, first served.

Sounds like the Open Mic I run.

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10 Reasons You Shouldn’t Wish For Overnight Success – MTT – Music Think Tank

1. You won’t be mentally prepared to deal with all of the fame, fortune, and international attention. You will crash and burn. Remember what happened to Susan Boyle?

Click on the link to find out what the other 9 are 🙂

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Digital Music News – Want More People to Care About Your Music? Then Charge for It…

It’s a basic economic principle: as price increases, demand decreases. But that’s the beginner’s guide, and it doesn’t take psychological components into account.  Because sometimes, when you raise the price – or simply attach a price tag at all – demand actually increases.  And so does the perception of quality. 

It makes sense. Charge a little more and create some value to your music. You must however, be very comfortable with your new pricing point otherwise it wont work for you.

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