Passing Final Hurdle, Sony’s Deal for EMI Publishing Is Approved by U.S.

The Federal Trade Commission has approved the $2.2 billion sale of EMI Music Publishing to an investor group led by Sony, the agency announced on Friday morning. With that clearance, the sale is expected to close later in the day.

Record companies and publishers are still swallowing up each other… This is further proof 🙂

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Pinterest: The Next Social Frontier for Music

Pinterest is steadily growing out of the stereotype that it’s just for sharing recipes and planning weddings. The social scrapbook already plays a central role in the social media strategies of visual artists, publishers and certain types of businesses. Now, with the addition of features for pinning music and video, musicians are catching on. 

I must get onto this Pinterest bandwagon and check it out. With the integration with SoundCloud (another thing I need to check out as well) it looking like a really powerful music marketing tool 🙂

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How To Be Instantly More Successful in your Music Marketing | How To Sell Your Music Online

Just take a look at the webpage/social media pages of any musicians or bands that are not successful.


Knowing what not to do is just as important as knowing what to do when it comes to marketing your music

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The business of being an artist

Choosing a career path that follows your artistic passion means that you have become a business. Interestingly, many artists don’t think of it as such. They think they are just doing what they like, following their dream or maybe working for themselves.

Artists need to treat their passion as a business if it is to become their livelihood. Here are some creative ways to get into the business mindset 🙂

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Seven Hidden Costs To Managing A Successful Band

<blockquote class=’posterous_medium_quote’>Unfortunately, managing a (financially) successful band requires more than talent, drive and hard work. Of course you’ve probably set aside money for future recording costs — or at least thought about saving up money to record. However, if you actually plan to make money from a career in music, there are some other costs you need to plan for.</blockquote>

Beware of the hidden costs in running a band 🙂

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How To Identify, Unfriend Nickelback Fans on Facebook

Now, some clever person has figured out how to help Facebook users identify their friends who have Liked Nickelback, purportedly to make them easier to unfriend. A simple Facebook link identifies fans of “page_id=6248267085″ on Facebook.

Watch out all you Nickelback lovers… I’m after YOU! 🙂

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Music Industry Quixotism (Or Why Emily White Is Right, And David Lowery Is wrong)

The story of the moment in music business land is a post by NPR intern Emily White, and a reply post by independent musician David Lowery. Below are excerpts and my commentary.

An interesting and very balanced review of the current argument going around the internets at the moment by Wesley Verhoeve 🙂

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