Step-by-Step: How To Get Involved with Crowdfunding

I know by now you have heard and maybe even know people who have got involved with crowdfunding, and I’m sure you would have heard the recent news of Amanda Palmer reaching over $1million on her kick-starter campaign… very impressive!


Amanda Palmer


So have you thought about crowdfunding your next project? or maybe you’re not sure how to go about it?
I think it’s definitely something you should look into as a source of revenue for your next tour, album release, video shoot, piece of merchandise etc as it continues to gain more and more traction in our industry.

I’m thinking about crowdfunding my next major release but first of all I need to get my first CD release up and happening yet 🙂

One thought on “Step-by-Step: How To Get Involved with Crowdfunding

  1. Hey Corey!

    I hope you are good? I just wanted to say a massive thank you for sharing our post in your blog here. I really appreciate you spreading the word and glad you liked the content!

    Hope you’ll become a regular subscriber 🙂

    Thanks again

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