4 Steps to Convert Goals into Results – Music Think Tank

“Goal” is such a ridiculous word. It’s a word that, once you put it in place, you automatically create its inverse: the possibility of failing to achieve it. The prospect of failure can be so scary that it becomes impossible to take action towards achieving your goal, and thus, the downwards cycle of mediocrity and spinning the wheels begins!

Let’s cut the crap right now.

Great article 🙂

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Fandalism: Finally A Social Network That Works For Musician

For years, many musicians turned to the web and sought out new musicians on online communities or tried their luck with Craigslist. The problem is that neither of these is dedicated to the act of finding and interacting with new musicians, nor has there ever been one comprehensive, professional, and social database with ready and willing musicians to reside – until now.

I’m part of this new Social Network site at http://fandalism.com/coreystewart you should too. It’s a great site 🙂

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Moozar Creates A Virtual & Social ‘Tip Jar’ For Musicians – hypebot

Moozar is a unique app that allows people to monetarily “reward” musicians when consuming their content online, akin to how one would provide a tip for musicians on the street, at a coffee shop, at a park, etc.

I’m going to be taking a closer look at this app for sure 🙂

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South Australian Government to appoint live music expert – Music Industry – The Music Network

The South Australian Government is about to announce its first ‘Thinker In Residence’ for live music. The expert will liaise with local venues and promoters to work out ways to revive Adelaide’s live music scene.

Here’s hoping that something really productive will come out of this initiative. I wonder who this “thinker” will be?

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Why Copyright Is Evil – Music Think Tank

Copyright is dying – that is obvious to everyone. What isn’t obvious to everyone, especially in the music industry, is what a glorious and just outcome this is.

While I don’t necessarily agree with some of what this article says, it does however, bring up some very, very interesting points especially regarding the role of the artist and what they are to do in this ever-changing musical environment.

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6 Keys to Increasing Facebook Fan Engagement | The Marketing Zen Group

One of the biggest draws of Facebook – and of social media marketing in general – is the ability to help your message reach a huge audience of interested fans. But the real benefits come when your Facebook fan base moved beyond a group of passive receivers and becomes an engaged and interactive community.

Increasing fan engagement = increased community = increased exposure 🙂

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“Songwriter” TV Show Using Kickstarter to Launch at Berklee

Emmy-winning director and producer Sunny Lake today announced the launch of “Songwriter,” a reality TV show for songwriters, with a promotional video on Kickstarter, the crowdsourcing Web site.

With “Songwriter,” Lake would like to do for songwriting what “American Idol” has done for singing. Using “Kickstarter,” he seeks to raise a minimum of $50,000.

via pr.com

Looks like something worth checking out and perhaps donating to 🙂

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