Buy Tickets On Bands’ Facebook Pages With Tikly

Tikly is a new ticketing service that’s fully integrated with Facebook. Artists, venues and events can sell directly from their Facebook page — without fans being re-directed to another site.

New music marketing tool alert…

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Peter Garrett launches Labor Loves Live Music |

FORMER Midnight Oil frontman Peter Garrett brought the power and the passion to the launch of the ALP’s campaign to fight over-regulation of live music venues last night.

Oh about time…

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BBC News – Why are female record producers so rare?

Over the last few years, it seems women have dominated the music industry, from Adele to Lady Gaga, via Rihanna, who apparently can’t leave the house without recording a hit single.

But the story is not being replicated on the other side of the sound desk.

A very good question with this article providing a very good answer 🙂

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Pop music has become more depressing, claims study | News | NME.COM

Pop music has become more depressing over the last over the last five decades, according to a new scientific study.

Hmmm, what do you think about this?

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Onesheet Expands To Become LinkedIn For Music & Entertainment Industry – hypebot

Onesheet has announced today a major expansion for their artist profiles. While the current pages are simple, easy to set up and automatically managed to pull in content from all over the web, the company feels they can work better as a professional profile – a place where LinkedIn may fall short for musicians and where artists can be professionally represented and connected.

A really nice expansion opportunity for an already awesome online tool. Check them out today… I have 🙂

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Promote Your Music with YouTube Playlists | DIY Musician

A YouTube playlist is a group of videos that play in succession. If you have a YouTube account, you can create a playlist and add any video on YouTube to that playlist, not just your own video content. This comes in handy when multiple people have uploaded content that relates to your band (concert footage, interviews, mini-documentaries, etc.) and you want to herd it all together for fans.

I never would’ve thought of YouTube playlists as being a marketing tool if I hadn’t read this article. I love the CD Baby DIY Musician Blog 🙂

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Rise Above: The Challenges Of Today’s Independent Musician – hypebot

At this point, it’s safe to say that a lot of musicians aren’t sure what the future holds. There are numerous paths they take, and only hope to come out successful on the other end

A little bit of pep talking/inspiration for today by Justing Herring of SideWinder.FM 🙂

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