Why Adelaide music can be saved

Last week’s announcement of South Australia’s “Music Thinker In Residence” was the biggest industry news to come out of Adelaide in some time. The recent appointment of Martin Elbourne – chief Glastonbury booker, Great Escape founder and a man of industry calibre far beyond anyone presently residing in South Australia – drew national coverage, and deservedly so. It signifies the highpoint of a process just seven months old: To fast-track the redirection of the state’s music industry before the same issues that are presently affecting the rest of our country bury it alive. It’s a proactive move from their government and welcome acknowledgement of the cultural value of live music in South Australia.

I hope so 🙂

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Enig’matik Records: Life As A Bandcamp-Only Label – hypebot

Enig’matik Records is a Bandcamp-only label based out of Australia with a focus on electronic music.  The label puts out digital releases and organizes live events. It’s a lightweight model that can’t be described as truly unique but is a great example of how digital music distribution has opened up the possibilities for microlabels and related indie activity.

An interesting business model that seems tailor fit for electronic music. I wonder if the same model could be extrapolated for other music genres? What do you think?

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Twitter Marketing: How to Pitch Your Band in 140 Characters or Less | DIY Musician

If you can create a concise 140-character pitch for your band, you’ll never have to stumble when someone asks you what you sound like or what kind of music you play. Instead of “umm… ummm… it’s kinda… well….,” you can just recite your 140-character pitch from memory.

Can you describe what you do musically in 140 characters or less? I couldn’t and that’s why I love this article very much 🙂

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Millennial Music: A Look at How DIY Technology is Changing the Game Forever

Since popular music awakened in or around the 1950s, the record label’s job has been simple: sign a band, help them make music and promote that product by all means possible. It was the authority figure that bands had to overly impress to in order to get airplay. But the transfer of power away from this top-down hierarchy began at some point in the mid-2000s.

An interesting article on technology and the DIY musician 🙂

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Forget dreams of breaking America… head Down Under – News – Music – The Independent

Generations of British musicians have dreamed of “breaking America” in order to make it as international artists. Now they are being advised to look Down Under instead.

“The music market Down Under is buoyant, vibrant and progressive.” I couldn’t agree more 🙂

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