What Happens When An Artist Makes Their Music Free For One Day [CASE STUDY] – hypebot

There’s a lot of debate about whether giving away your music for free is a good practice or not. Some say that it devalues your music and keeps people from taking you seriously. Some say it’s necessary to get people intrigued and listening.

A very interesting case study by Andy Othling. What do you think about his findings?

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Building Context for Your Creative Work

Why do you make music? Write books? Make films? You might know, you might not. Either way, you do it for a specific reason. Maybe it’s to explore. Maybe it’s to affect other people. Maybe it’s to inject a little fun and excitement into your life.

Are you a populist, purist or pragmatist?

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What’s The Story? The Value Of Storytelling In Music Promotion

Just as brands evolved their marketing, independent artists need to do the same to create compelling brand stories around themselves and their music.

Good article this one 🙂

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5 Ways to Broaden Your Band’s Web Presence Beyond Simply ‘Having a Website’

Nowadays, anyone can have a website and a Facebook profile. Everyone can post music online for the world to hear. Everyone has been given a voice. So how do you rise above the crowded sea of artists on the internet to have YOUR voice ring clearest?

Some great advice here 🙂

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Is It Time to Take Your Gig Flyers Digital? Flyer Lizard Thinks So

Flyer Lizard is a simple but effective way to take your event flyers to the web. With options to share your flyers on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, it’s a quick and easy tool to get the word out for your next gig.

This looks like an AWESOME tool 🙂

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Is Your Art A Hobby or a Job?

So what’s the deal!? You either have a very expensive hobby or a lousy paying job. At least that’s what it feels like, right?  Well, lets not make it so black and white. Just because you’re not making $50k a year doesn’t mean its not a job. Lets break it down and find out what really matters.

Interesting question posed in this article. Where do you fit in the scheme of things?

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Are Record Labels Still Relevant?

Over recent years there has been an evident power shift from label to artist, and its time to realize that is won’t be shifting back any time soon. Due to technological advances, individual artists have been given the power to produce and promote their music free of charge. In addition, record labels themselves are struggling due to the massive drop in CD sales.

So the question is: Are record labels still relevant?

Hmmm, a very apt question considering I’ve just released my first CD 🙂

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