5 Tips For Identifying & Connecting With Music Bloggers For Music Coverage – hypebot

Getting coverage of one’s music on music blogs and websites is an important part of reaching new fans and keeping older fans excited. Unfortunately there’s not a master list of who to contact to get your music featured because every musician needs to focus on writers who will appreciate what they do. Here are a few tips for identifying the right music bloggers for outreach and making initial contact with a long term perspective.

Networking and forming relationships with music bloggers and the blogs they run is a crucial way of marketing your music 🙂

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Be Your Fans’ Biggest Fan – hypebot

Other than your artistic output, there is nothing that matters more than the relationship you have with your fans. Being genuine is heralded and being fake is entirely obvious. The expression, “their music spoke to me,” has changed to, “I spoke with them and realized why I connect so deeply with their music.

This all ties in with being true to yourself and being authentic for the world 🙂

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Do Something Today That Will Benefit Your Tomorrow: 30 Ideas That Cost Nothing. | DIY Marketing Tips

We often fall into a comfort trap. We get stuck in our routines doing the same thing day in, day out. Until we wake up one day and ask ourselves… what have I done lately to pursue my dreams? 

What have I done to make my tomorrow better than today?

Fantastic list… Love this post… Love this blog… Brian Thompson is my new favourite blogger at the moment 🙂

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Music Career Killers: Sure Ways to Ruin Your Chances for Success DIY Musician Blog

Every hour of every day, there’s a talented musician somewhere on the planet who makes the decision to put their artistic side on the back burner in favor of a more stable career.

Yes… I used to be one of those people 🙂

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Top Ten Holistic Vocal Remedies | Cari Cole: Vocal Coach and Artist Development for Musicians

Colds, sore throats, and flus can wreak havoc with a singer’s voice rendering you wondering if you’ll sing or squeak. But – there are ways to dodge disasters like these by taking a little extra care and preventative measures.

As a singer myself who is prone to getting a bit crook from time to time, I’ll be looking at this article very closely 🙂

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19 Signs You’re Doing Better than You Think

Even in uncertain times, it’s always important to keep things in perspective.

Here is some simple positive reinforcement for your day 🙂

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Blog – 21 Ways to Collaborate with Other Artists & Bands to Get More Fans

One of the best ways for emerging bands to gain new fans is to be exposed to another band’s audience. Especially if you have similar target markets, fans are more likely to trust a recommendation coming from a band they already know and like. Here are some ideas on how you can collaborate with other artists and bands to grow your fan base:

This is a great article on how networking with other bands will get you more fans 🙂

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