Arts training is an essential part of an innovative nation

To describe creative arts training as a “lifestyle” choice in my view demonstrates a lack of knowledge of what is involved and what is produced. There seems to be no understanding or recognition that artists/arts workers are trained professionals who are highly skilled, knowledgeable and adept. They are also highly employable in many industry sectors – not just the arts.

Source: Arts training is an essential part of an innovative nation

NB: This is a great reply to the Federal Governments assertion that “working in the the arts sector is a lifestyle choice” issue


I was surprised to learn my career is actually a ”lifestyle choice”

Apparently, we appear to have reached the point in Australia where pursuing a creative career is considered a “lifestyle choice”. One that won’t lead to satisfactory career or economic outcomes, and is therefore unworthy of government assistance.

Source: I was surprised to learn my career is actually a ”lifestyle choice”

NB: I couldn’t believe what I was reading.

Duran Duran Were Always Great | Music Aficionado

Thirty-five years ago, a little baby band called Duran Duran seemed poised to be critics’ darlings. They certainly had the right pedigree. Influenced by David Bowie, Kraftwerk, and Roxy Music, they’d slogged it out on the Birmingham, England, post-punk club scene alongside future indie heroes like the Lilac Time’s Stephen Duffy and the Jacobites’ Dave Kusworth; signed to prestigious Harvest Records; and recorded their self-titled debut with Bowie/Iggy engineer Colin Thurston.But instead of being

Source: Duran Duran Were Always Great | Music Aficionado

NB: I don’t care what anyone says… Duran Duran are awesome and will always be awesome. These guys were one of my main influences as I was starting on my musical journey. John Taylor was my reason I started playing bass.

You Can Play Vinyl Records With Australia’s New Fiver

A video surfaced online this week of a British vinyl enthusiast playing a record using Britain’s new five-pound note. The sharp, durable quality of the polymer the notes are covered in means they can be used as crude turntable needles. Never ones to be outdone by the Brits, whether in drinking, cricket, or… using our …

Source: You Can Play Vinyl Records With Australia’s New Fiver

NB: How’s that… I personally don’t like the new $5 note but after reading this I’m softening my opinion on it 🙂